Provide care and protection for children and grandchildren with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, neurocognitive disorders, and/or psychiatric illnesses to ensure they are taken care of throughout their lifetimes, have continued access to public benefits, and enjoy a higher quality of life while you’re here and when you’re not.

Prepare for changes and concerns often experienced by seniors by making legal plans that account for potential future care needs, protect your home and savings, protect against elder abuse and financial exploitation, and make sure your instructions are followed.

Investing in personalized estate planning that clearly communicates your wishes and accomplishes your goals is a gift – and act of love – providing security and peace of mind for you during your lifetime and clear directions that benefit your loved ones when you’re not here.  Family relationships and life savings can be protected through proper legal planning.

Trustees, Conservators, Executors, and agents under Powers of Attorney often have questions and concerns about their unique fiduciary duties. We’re here to answer those questions, provide guidance, assist with trust and estate administration, and help you understand your decision-making authority and responsibilities.

Leaving a Legacy of Love

The roads families can take are as varied as clients themselves. Ashley Day provides a truly personalized service, helping all clients choose the paths that are right for them. Ashley strongly believes that her experience, compassion, and ability to listen and communicate effectively are the foundations for her success.

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